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Thai food for health and enjoyment!

There has been a good deal of conjecture recently as to why Thai food has become so popular. The increasing recognition and acceptance of Thai cuisine is due to that the majority of people in the West have become more health-conscious. They have become aware that traditional Western food can be critically dangerous to health due to the high fat and cholesterol content. They wish to change their eating habits, and are looking for healthier alternatives.

Thai food contains less fat. In addition to this the spices and herbs used in Thai food have recognised medicinal advantages. Some of them are good for the digestion, while others help to reduce fever and soothe sore throats. Best of all, Thai cuisine easily holds its own against gourmet food from all over the world with its fantastic aromas and flavours.

What gives Thai food its unique and harmonious flavours? We have soups that look simple, while the combination of taste and flavour are sour, salt, strong, and aromatic. The use of peanuts and coconut in curries is very characteristic of Thai food. We use a number of different herbs such as lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal and root ginger and blend them with the hint of sourness of lime or the pleasant sweetness of palm sugar.

The most important thing to remember about Thai food is to appreciate its lean, hot and passionate aroma long before it arrives on the table. The spices and herbs used in our food have a different aroma from Western spices and herbs. They are much more aromatic, and impart different aromas and tastes in each dish.

Thai cooking has developed together with cultural influences from other countries such as the Philippines, China and countries in southwest Europe. The Thais adopted the quick Chinese method using the wok. They developed a wide range of wok dishes and included these on the national menu. Noodles are used in a typically Thai manner. Thai dishes with noodles (Thai Style) have a sweet, sour and sometimes spicy or aromatic flavour.

Thais did not traditionally use coconut milk when cooking. Foreign traders from the West who visited the old capital city Ayutthaya, mentioned that they used milk when cooking, and suggested that the Thais could use coconut milk in their curry dishes. Through experimentation this has now become the norm, but at that time coconut milk was mainly used in desserts.

Thailand is a nation of food lovers. When Thais meet, the first greeting you will hear is: (Bai nai) where are you going? and the next is: (Gin kao ru-jang) have you eaten yet? In order to really appreciate Thai food, you must have an understanding of how we eat. In the West the usual accompaniments are bread or potatoes, while in Thailand the accompaniment is rice. A traditional Thai dinner is a social occasion, and must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Many different dishes are served, and each diner is given a plate of rice. Everybody shares all the dishes that have been served, making the mealtime more social and enjoyable.

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